Skydeck Part 2: Some Additional Recommendations

Skydeck Logo

After trying out Skydeck recently, I sent my initial thoughts and recommendations to the designers.  Very shortly, I received a message back from them thanking me for spending time with the tool, and asking for more feedback on what else I might want to do with more detailed analysis of the mobile data.  I came up with a few more recommendations that I’d like to see in Skydeck, which I’m posting here as well:

  • Per person, a breakdown of texting vs. calling, and which they respond to more
  • How quickly does someone return a call or text message
  • When is an individual more likely to pick up a call or respond to a text?  For example, I typically am able to connect with my mom in the morning before she leaves for the day, but my friend only answers after 8PM, when he’s coming back from the office
  • How could you do this type of analysis if mobile phone carriers don’t provide it natively? What about having a seconds threshold, such as recognizing that calls longer than :30 sec are real discussions vs. voicemail
  • ability to mark certain contacts as irrelevant; for example, my Verizon voicemail and Verizon web service are listed in my top contacts, and they heavily overshadow individual people, but I don't care about them
  • can it pull the backup phonebook data form my cell phone, so i can use the contact names for numbers that I've already entered into my phone

These are all new in addition to my original comments.  It’s great that Skydeck is reaching out to its users; hopefully this type of interaction with the early adopters will aid it in developing into a cool and resourceful product!  Has anyone else tried it out? What are your thoughts?