Pirating Decreases When Content Producers Give Consumers What They Want

ars technica has an article discussing how P2P traffic is beginning to decrease as streaming of media online increases. Why is this important? IT hammers home the fact that consumers just want to consume media (music, tv, movies, etc) in the easiest way possible. They want to consume it when and where they want it. If I miss an episode of Scrubs, and the only way I can watch it is wait months for a re-run, or spend a few hours downloading it, then I'll be downloading it. But if I can stream Scrubs off Hulu even faster, then I'm more than happy to sit through some advertising, and turn to Hulu for my online television needs. It's the reason a centralized spot like Hulu for broadcast TV is going to be so powerful. Content producers need to see this trend and realize that they will cut off pirating as soon as they provide a better product.