The 76ers Show Heart This Season

So the NBA season ended yesterday, and the Sixers went 35-47.  While that looks pretty bad, the story starts on game 27, after Allen Iverson was traded for Joe Smith, Andre Miller, and draft picks.  The trade changed the face of the Sixers, and it was horrible to see him go, but Iverson, the Sixers, and Philly fans all knew the team wouldn't work anymore going in the direction it was.  So he was traded to Denver, and Chris Webber was bought out.

With Andre Miller at the helm and Andre Iguodala as the star, The Sixers went 30-26.  Iguodala went 19.5 - 6 - 5.7 after the all-star break.  And The Sixers ended in a tie for 9th place in the East.

Had the Sixers played with this team all season, they would be in 6th place.  Now they go into  next season with 3 draft picks in a deep draft.  Some people wanted to see them dive after Iverson to try to get Durant or Ogden, but playing with heart and showing what you're made of after so much is impressive.  I'm looking forward to next year-


The Black Donnellys Free New Episodes on NBC.com

Even though everyone who watched it seemed to love The Black Donnellys, It's been canceled for now on TV.  New episodes are still coming out, though, release each Monday right on NBC.com. If you like the show, keep watching on the website, maybe it'll maintain enough of a following to come back for a second season.

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The View From The Window

boston 057.jpg
Originally uploaded by kskobac.

A few pictures I took from the window in Conor's new apartment in Boston. Each highlights only one color in the black and white photo.
The full set is here:


The [Music] Hype Machine

The Hype Machine

If you're looking for an easy way to listen to a song by an artist that you like, check out The Hype Machine, which scours the web for mp3's of bands that people have posted somewhere.  The really cool part is that mp3's of cd's that haven't been released yet are showing up often - so if you want to catch tracks of the new Arctic Monkeys album that's coming out, check here.

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The Black Donnellys

I'm getting really into "The Black Donnellys", so much so that I watch it before I watch 24 when I have both recorded. I've been reading some reviews, and it seems like critics are very mixed, but fans seem to love it (4000 people on Yahoo rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars).  Everyone I know who's actually watched it loves it.  If you haven't watched it yet, get all of the episodes right on NBC.com for free, with limited commercials (I'm using this more and more to watch TV that I missed- why aren't all shows offered this way?  A good viewing experience available like this is the only thing to save TV from downloads.  I would use it all of the time if I could watch the episodes in higher quality, true full screen).

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