Seven Devils Idaho Fire Watch Tower

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This is a set of pictures that I took in black and white when we found an abandoned fire watch tower for forest rangers in the seven devils, idaho, mountain range
I meant to put these up a long time ago...


Statue at the Philadelphia Art Museum

11.2006.philadelphia.marathon. 013

A picture I took outside the Philadelphia Art Museum when Pat was getting ready to run the Philadelphia Marathon. You can see the rest of the pictures from the day here:



arrested development free on msn !!

How did this slip past? MSN is streaming Arrested Development episodes for free online. Is this going to be a trend, where television content is bought up by major portal players to win over viewership? If so, that's likely to mean a lot of great content on demand for free.
Also, how do you know where to go anymor efor something like this? MSN.com? Live.com? What is their brand?


Sacha Baron Cohen (not Ali G) interviewed by Jon Stewart

Maybe I just missed this, but here's a video of Sacha Baron Cohen being interviewed by Jon Stewart, in an interview where we actually speaks as himself and not as one of his characters:


30 Boxes Interactive Calendar: Blog Postings, Pictures, and Videos

I've added to the blog a very cool feature built by 30 Boxes, a shared online calendar, called Boxed. The application lets you specify feeds, in my case my blog, my Flickr photos, and my Google Videos, and it mashes them up on a slick calendar that displays screen shots of the content the day it was posted. Here you can see the calendar, and on the lower right of my sidebar you can launch it as well via site overlay. Check it out.


Microsoft Live Local maps adds 3-D World

Virtual Seattle In Windows Live Local

Virtual San Francisco In Windows Live Local

Screenshots of Microsoft's Live Local Virtual Earth.  It requires IE 6 or newer, and a download, but the views are worth it.  Note: they intend to sell billboard advertising fresh in the new 3-D world (for example a billboard ontop of a building could now have new advertising on it).

Buy A Billboard In Virtual Seattle

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If you need to know right away, Facebook alerts via IM

This is only for the Facebook addicts, but I know there are a lot of you out there.  AOL has put out a plug-in for their newest AIM IM application, Triton, that allows you to receive alerts of new Facebook activity directly via IM as soon as something happens:
  • Someone writes on your Wall
  • Someone sends you a message
  • A friend updates their profile
  • Someone writes on a friend's Wall
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All NHL games for free on Google Video

In a partnership with Google, the NHL is offering all of this year's hockey games, as well as classic games from the past, for free in their entirity, to be watched on Google Video or downloaded to your computer.  This would be a really cool offering if it were the NBA, but unfortunately it's hockey.  Still, you have to the NHL credit for embracing the medium, and offering their fans something valuable and different (now lets see the NBA follow by removing the fees from their game downloads...how many people are paying for those things? The quality isn't good enough for that, but I'd watch highlights of games every night).

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