Seeing the Back Door Slam at Mercury Lounge


I went to see the Back Door Slam last night at Mercury Lounge with Bruce and some friends. I had never heard of them, but the promise of a new band and a strictly defined 8:30 - 9:15 show time was enough to get me there. The Back Door Slam is a band comprised of 3 kids around 20 years in age from England who think they were born 70 years ago. They play Jazz on electric instraments, they sing with the voice, of a 60 year old black soul singer, and they cover songs from the 1930's, with their own electric rock sound infused. And the sound is phenominal. I'm embedding a video up top because you won't believe who they are when you hear the sound, but to get some samples check out Last.FM, find one or two songs at Hype Machine, watch more videos from Google Video, and buy the album from Amazon when you're convinced.

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