David Belle and Parkour in New York City

This weekend the New Yorker brought David Belle, the creator of Parkour, to New York City for a class, interview, and demonstration.  If you haven't heard of Parkour before, you've probably seen it in the opening sequence of the last James Bond movie.   The jumps he performs, the balance and mastery of movement seem to almost defy gravity.  David Belle created it as an art form which he describes as akin to yoga and meditation - far from the extreme sport it appears to be in the highlight reels and movies.  Since James Bond it's picked up popularity in the United States, but he's been doing it for 20 years.  The demonstration was mostly New York City kids that took his class the day before, but even elementary moves are impressive.  Then David Belle took a flying leap across some pillars about 3 stories above the ground (the videos don't do the danger of this justice, but if you've been outside the Jacob Javitz Center you will be able to appreciate it).  These aren't enough

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