Foreign Players in the NBA deal with tensions at home

From the Orlando Sentinal, in regards to Darko Milicic and Mario Kasun, team mates on the Orlando Magic:
They are Orlando Magic teammates, but they probably never can be
friends -- not in the truest sense. A civil war-torn history between
their countries makes a relationship uneasy in the locker room and
potentially dangerous back in the former Yugoslavia. Darko Milicic is
Serbian and Mario Kasun is Croatian. Milicic and Kasun have been thrown
together by the fates of pro basketball ... but distanced by grim
reminders in their homelands. ... Kasun fears how his comments might be
relayed and interpreted in Croatia if he has befriended a Serb
teammate. A peace treaty might be in place, but he says tension
remains. "I don't blame Darko," Kasun said. "But I can't say, 'Yeah,
there's nothing going on.'"

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