ABC Viral Videos (Narnia and other SNL clips)

ABC feels it needs to fight back against YouTube and Google Video, who they believe are profiting off their content. Recently they sent cease and desist letters demanding the removal of any of their content from the video apps. Now they've released their own "web favorites" center, where you can watch clips from SNL, Conan, and others, as well as email them to friends. Sure, there's still the same content, but do they realize how much less people will watch these clips if they have to run to the ABC website to do it? The viral nature of videos requires people to be able to spread it around themselves. And ABC is only benefitting from the exposure millions of clip views all over the internet is generating. By controling the use of these insignificant clips, they're negating future television earnings for the lesser dollars a few more pages views will generate on their website.

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