Microsoft Ipod Killer Rumors

Rumors are flying around about the iPod Killer that Microsoft is expected to unleash this coming holiday season.  Of note:

- Built in WiFi that detects compatible devices nearby and notifies you, giving you coupons, or allowing you to set up an on the fly network to share music.

- The ability to tag music you hear on the fly for purchase/download later

- Microsoft will scan your iTunes library and give you all the songs you paid for, for free in a compatible format to the new player

The last point in particular is a big deal since it basically removes all of the barriers to entry for people afraid to switch off iTunes.  Apple's proprietary music format means you can't convert songs directly to mp3; rather you have to burn tracks as a music Cd and re-rip them.  If windows has a superior project, and is willing to swallow the cost of conversion, they might have a trick up their sleeve that they can fight Apple's monopoly with.

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