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I now have referral buttons on the left bar, a little below the fold (see the section Google Referrals).  A few words on these, and a recomendation to download one or two of them if you don't have them yet:

Google Photo Software - Also known as Picasa, its a great Windows based photo management program, with easy viewing tools, sorts, editing, and more.  Widely considered the best free, and one of the best anywhere, photo management tools.

Google Pack - if you have a new computer, or simply want to get up to speed on the free software out there to make your computer complete (a safer browser (firefox), a video player (google video player), desk bars, tool bars, and more), download this and manage it all via Google.

Firefox - the safe, quick, clean, extensible browser you should be using instead of microsoft internet explorer, no questions asked.

Google AdSense - if you want to advertise on your blog/website, costs you nothing and easy to implement in seconds, with full customization.

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