Tivo Wins

tivo_logo3.jpgProbably a half a year ago I suggested to my finance obsessed roommmates that Tivo stock might be a good buy, a comment founded only on my interest in what I knew Tivo was going to roll out with and ignoring the fact that the product had never had a profitable year in its existance. While I was probably foolish in my prediction, it may start to pan out anyway. Tivo just won a major lawsuit against EchoStar in terms of patent infringement as a "multimedia time warping system", which is a very broad definition of what Tivo and its followers attempt to be. This cut down a competitor, and also induced DirecTV to renew their contract with Tivo for another 3 years, though they were expected to be out the door and produce their own "tivo-like" box. Now Tivo's stock has taken a major jump, although it's peak was the day of the announcement, and we'll see when the new-gen boxes come out where it goes from there.

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