facebook wants to follow you through life

Facebook is gradually rolling out to companies, allowing people with Accenture, Amazon, Apple, EA, Gap, Intel, Intuit, Microsoft, Pepsi, PWC and Teach for America email addresses to register. The won't open it completely because their community nature is what makes them a safer environment (increasingly important for gaining advertising $$), but this is a step towards networking in the business/job sector. Supposedly they have an 85% penetration in colleges, so they need to keep growing to justify the $2 billion they want to sell for (which, as it looks, will never happen, and they may even not get the $750mm they were offered put on the table ever again). AOL is expected to come out with a competitor built into AIM, which will give them an easy method of acquiring users, and other challengers to the thrown are coming out every day, so this is a hard place to hold your place on time. If I were them I'd sell while they're sure they can.

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