Get into the Yahoo Mail Beta

If you are interested in trying out the new(ish) Yahoo! Mail beta, some instructions spilled out that let you find your way in.  The interface is slick and much easier to use than the current mail, but its very slow to load and if you are using a 10 year old work computer you might want to wait until they figure out how to cure this.  Has support for RSS feeds, drag and drop, multiple windows, and other powerful features that would be great if it didn't take forever to enter the thing.  I can't vouch for this working, but the last 'hack' for MSN Live Mail did.

Yahoo! Mail Beta
  1. Log
    into Yahoo! Mail and click on "My Account" and enter your password if prompted.
  2. On the Account
    Info page next to the "Member Information" header click on "Edit."
  3. Under
    "General Preferences" click on the link next to "Language & Content" or "Preferred
    Content" (mine says "Yahoo! U.S.").
  4. On the subsequent page in the "New
    Setting" box choose Yahoo! United Kingdom, Germany, or France.
  5. Click "Finished" and then
    "Finished" again on the next page.
  6. You'll be prompted to sign a new TOS and then you should get
    an offer to join the Yahoo! Mail Beta.
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