Online business start-up so easy an 8 year old can do it

Some great articles today on designing your own business via the web.  Here's one on how a venture capitalist helped his 8 year old son start his own company:

"First, since my son already had a typepad
account, he was able to create a new blog and make it the home page for
his Ollie King website. I then showed him how to look for domain names
on GoDaddy. We tried to buy OllieKing.com but to no avail. It was already taken. So he had to settle for SkateOllieKing.com.
Through the wonders of modern domain hosting, I was able to nearly
instantly redirect SkateOllieKing.com to my son's new Ollie King home
page on typepad. Unfortunately for my budding entrepreneur, at that
point I had to go take his brother to theater practice, so I left my
eight year old tweaking his web site. But when I got home I found him
on Cafepress making
t-shirts and hats with the various designs he was able to rescue from
the trash. Apparently he had been on Cafepress before looking at his
uncle's crazy t-shirt designs. Once he had created a bunch of products for his Cafepress store, he then linked his home page to CafePress and voila, my eight year old had his own skate brand."

[via ventureblog]

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