MetaWeather aggregates sources for more accuracy

MetaWeather is a new weather service that aggregates weather reports from a myriad of sources to gain a higher level of confidence in predicting the weather. A great concept, since weather reports aren't very reliable, but there are some problems with the site. First, it lacks the right design to easily digest the information. Second, it doesn't have an option to change to farenheight for the American audience. Third, I wonder (and this might be done in actuality) if the service rates a source's accuracy and weights the averages accordingly.

UPDATE: After my innitial posting on MetaWeather, a technical director from the team wrote me a friendly letter about my comments. He implemented a farenheight option immediately, sent more information on the product, and requested more feedback. This type of interaction with the site's audience is commendable by the team leading MetaWeather. I look forward to seeing more development on this intriguing tool.

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