NBA Finals Referees Officiating Dissected

NBA Game 5 Official Bennett SalvatoreNBA Finals Game 5 Ref Joe CrawfordNBA Finals Official Joe DeRosa

82games.com has layed out a full analysis of the officiating 2006 NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks.  While they admit it to be somewhat subjective, since it requires the use of human interpretation of a call, they claim to be as objective and well informed as possible to make the grading of each referee call in the 6 games.  Bottom line?

+5.4 MIA - Salvatore

+1.9 MIA - DeRosa

+1.1 DAL - Crawford

+0.6 DAL - Joint Calls

Which basically translates to around a 5 point swing towards the Heat based on Refereee calls, mostly due to Salvatore, who called the most questionable fouls on Dwyane Wade.

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