Flock launches full beta

Flock: The web browser for you and your friends.

After months and months of refining their developer previews, Flock finally released a beta of their social browser built on the Mozilla (Firefox) engine.  What's it give you?  Full integration with social tools like del.icio.us and flickr, so what you do in your browser is actually interacting with those services.  Save a link in flock and it gets tagged and stored in your del.icio.us account.  Upload images to Flickr simply by dragging them into your browser.  More importantly, search all of those items for simple viewing within the browser as well as drag and drop compatibility with blog posting.  Now you don't have to be on the Flickr page to search for your photos.  Also built in is a full service blog editor that lets you store clippings for use in blogging later, as well as drag and drop your other (flickr) resources.  So far in playing around with it everything works great, accept that I can't get it to recognize blogger, so I can only use it to post to wordpress accounts for now.

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