Liking What You Do

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Seth Godin contrasts his conjecture "It's more important that you be passionate about what you do all day than it is to be passionate about the product that is being sold" with his statement "All that statement "I've never met a great marketer who wasn't passionate about what she sold. In the case of marketing, it's not just a nice combination, it's a requirement". What do you think; can you be really great at a job that you are exceptionally skilled at but really don't care about the mission? A lot of really skilled people fail to accomplish great things because they just don't care about what they're working on - I'm guessing more often than not, lack of interest and passion in your product will overshadow your ability.
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Picture of the Day: Santa Cruz Birds Watching

California Summer 2008
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This picture I took at Santa Cruz Beach in California. I'm always amused by the reverse perspective - instead of us bird watching, it seems as if the birds are watching us (in this case the surfers).

Working on Being Greener (Part of my ‘09 Resolutions)

I got a head start on one of my new years resolutions tonight – I am trying hard to get rid of all of the wasteful paper that comes to me in the mail from banks, credit cards, etc.  I turned off all monthly paper printed statements for Chase here and switched to Paperless Statements on my Amex through the account options.  I also emailed my investment manager to request that he turn off my monthly statements as well.  As far as I can tell, I won’t be receiving any monthly financial statements in print mail in 2009.

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Making My Parents a 2009 Calendar

Every year my brother and I make a calendar for my parents for the upcoming year.  We post pictures on Flickr from the year previous, trying to capture photos of the two of us with and without our parents, cousins, etc.  Then print the calendar from Qoop.  Qoop is easy to use and the quality is really pretty good, and with shipping the cost of 2 printed calendars is under $37.  It’s fun to go back through the whole year’s photos, and my parents love it – one for my kitchen and one for my dad’s office.  It’s a great Channukah gift.

Here’s the photos Andrew and I chose this year:

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