My Resolutions for 2009

1) Complete projects that I start
I think I run with too many ideas, don't focus them, and don't complete them.  It's beginning to seem futile, and I need to focus on deciding what I want to accomplish and doing it.

1a) Make a significant change at work
There's a lot of opportunity at my job to make something happen, beyond the every day work.  I need to stop talking about it, and do it.  

2) Identify the things that matter to me and ignore the filler
It seems like there's a lot of pressure in this city or in life in general to do a lot, to always be using your time, to always be busy.  I think I had a pretty good 2008, but I want to avoid that pressure and only do the things I really care about, rather than just doing things to check them off a list or feel like I used my time.

2a) Spend more time in non-Starbucks coffee shops reading and writing
One thing I always enjoy when I make the time to do it is sit in coffee shops watching, reading, and writing.  It's something I rarely pick over another option, but I usually enjoy it more.  And it shouldn't be Starbucks, there isn't the same kind of energy or interestingness there.

3) Improve my socially concious efforts
This year spurred a lot of interest in alternative oil, green awareness, and more.  But I don't want to be one of the many who forgot about the need for alternative energy once the oil prices dropped again.  This year a group of friends tried to eliminate the frivilous use of paper cups when drinking coffee; I also contributed to and tried to spread the word about Donors Choose.  Hopefully I make more progress moving forward.