A song, a photo, a moment

Tonight I've been posting over at my Tumblr. I haven't really ever gotten to the point of defining how I'll use Tumblr, but for now it seems more suited for short expressions. It's easy to post all types of content, and it's easy to re-post other people's content with comments.

Tonight I am running various thoughts through my head via Tumblr - a song, a photo, a moment.
  • Many nights I find I’m the only one still awake; I’m borrowing this (sort of related) picture to reflect on that.
  • (reblogging) iraqi man throws shoes at Bush at press conference. i suspect there’s quite a few US citizens who would like to do the same thing!
You can comment seperately on all of the content over at Tumblr; on the content, or on where Tumblr should fit in the scheme of things.