Photo Blogging Life Through Flickr

Lately I’ve been taking more pictures with my phone than with my camera.  It sort of goes against what I preach, considering the photo quality, but the convenience of always having my phone with me and the ease of posting it to the web instantly has made it more and more my camera of choice.  I can snap a picture with my phone and have it live on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, Tumblr, and my own blog within seconds – and that has lead me to be more and more addicted to photo blogging during my day.

As an example, last weekend I quickly posted a handful of pictures, with simple statements of what I was doing and what I wanted to say, as I spent a full day walking around the city:

 Brunch at The Place in Greenwich This book is awesome Wakamaru robot in Uniqlo The leading mens group in the New York City Marathon on mile 17

Aside from the blogging aspect, it’s also a really enjoyable way to keep a journal of sorts of my life, with little effort.  Now I can look back and remember the smaller life moments that may not have gotten captured if I didn’t have my camera phone.  I’ll still use my camera when the picture quality really matters, but now getting a strong camera on my next phone is definitely a priority.

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