Theater Was Once Afraid of Radio

Sticking on the theme of Old Media needing to learn how to adapt to and embrace New Media, techdirt has a hilarious post reminding us that at one point, Theater companies were afraid of Radio broadcasters mentioning their upcoming play on air:
Once upon a time, complimentary theatre tickets would come with a
covering note like this: "Dear Sir, The Management of the ------
Theatre will be much obliged if you will very kindly co-operate with
them in safeguarding the enclosed invitation from being used for the
purpose of broadcasting a notice of the play from any station of the
British Broadcasting Corporation. The invitation is intended to meet
the convenience of legitimate journalism, exclusive of broadcasting."
Dated 10 October 1929 and quoted in Ego: The Autobiography of James
Agate (1935)

Just helps to put the current music and movie evolution that we're going through, and the ongoing battles of the RIAA and the MPAA, in perspective.