Image Recognition Ads Come to Facebook

I know this seems kind of creepy, but I can't help be incredibly impressed by this: Like.com, which formerly used to be Riya.com, the facial recognition photo sharing service that I was obsessed with, but then changed over to an object recognition shopping site (show us an item that a celebrity is wearing and we'll show you 50 things just like it ranging in all types of prices), is now running ads on Facebook that match the picture in the ad with your profile picture. TechCrunch has an example where the ad features a guy wearing aviator glasses because Riya's technology recognized aviator glasses. This is very cool, albeit a bit creepy. Note that TechCrunch is not confirming this yet, just suggesting based on the technology Riya is known for that this type of image recognition match is happening in the background - so maybe I should hold off a sec before I get too excited.