Iron Man Gets Rave Reviews

I went to see Iron Man on Wednesday, a few days early as part of the Marvel premiere in New York City, and loved it. Sometimes comic movies come out cheesy, lack plot, and go so over the top that you can't get immersed into film whatsoever (Fantastic 4, Electra, etc..). Sometimes, though, they get it right, and the movie is compelling and engaging - X-men 2 and Spiderman 2 in particular were fantastic. Iron Man was the first film Marvel produced by itself, without another studio's partnership - it has good directors and good actors (I'm a big Robert Downey Jr. fan for some reason), and given that it was Marvel itself, I have to guess that they stuck well to the comic vision. I didn't love the final battle, if only because I tend to feel the endings of these things are usually anti-climatic, but the rest of the movie was great and I was completely engaged the entire time. Also, Stan Lee makes a great a great cameo, as he always does in his films.

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