Collective Soul Plays an Acoustic Set in My Office and I sit Front Row

So my company does these really random "Brown Bag Lunch Concert Series" sessions where artists basically come in and perform 3 to 4 songs acoustic in an open area in my office. My company lures that are looking for doors in to the advertising/media world, and in the past we've seen Richie Sambora (from Bon Jovi) and Hanson (who are actually pretty good now) play, among a myriad of others.

Now this morning I came into the office and an email was waiting saying Collective Soul was playing - a random rare gem in the slew of nameless monthly concerts. A little history here, I actually paid to see Collective Soul play last summer as part of an awesome concert with Live and Counting Crows out doors in a minor league baseball stadium. So when I heard Collective Soul would be in the office, I made sure to grab my camera and head up a little early to ensure a seat in the front.

Collective Soul was represented by the two brothers - the main singer, and the guitarist. They played 3 songs acoustic: December, The World I Know, and a 3rd song that I hadn't heard before. Afterwards they stuck around to give out and sign CD's (I have the newest album signed for my father), take pictures, and even offered to connect us with back-stage passes if we make it to a show this summer. It was a really cool, really intimate concert experience that I never expected.