Yesterday's post reviewed: Web, Tech, Music, and Entertainment Analysis

Yesterday's post ended up being much longer than expected, so I wanted to sum up the major points made in the numerous sections:

  1. We should be able to make purchases, initiate downloads, and more via text messaging.  Pizza Hut and Papa John's are doing it now.
  2. Facebook continues to work on the news feed to improve it's value but it needs to open up to more sources of information.
  3. Google Reader has a ways to go to become an information hub, and the first place it should look for features is gMail, and then ReadBurner.
  4. Musicians need to stop fixating on the album and start embracing the single; the target audience has.
  5. Video games are going the way of television and music in the modern era  - free, ad-supported.
  6. HBO needs to speed up its embracing of streaming online to keep up with competition and cut off illegal downloading.

Love to hear your comments and thoughts on all of these points.  Read the whole thing here.