RememberTheMilk makes up for Google's deficiencies


RememberTheMilk, a task-management tool that's held it's ground now for years, has slowly been rolling out add-ons to Google products in order to make task-management a fully integrated feature in the Google suite of products.  Their latest release loads a full task-management dashboard directly into Gmail via a Firefox extension, in such a well designed fashion that you can't tell it isn't part of the original product once it's implemented.  It uses the same intelligent contextual typing recognition as Google products, attaches tasks to emails, fits the style perfectly, and works easily.  In addition,  you can implement a Google Calendar add-on that will display your tasks on the day they're due.  When you add a task via Google Calendar, Gmail, or even RememberTheMilk itself, the update shows up everywhere, and can be edited anywhere.  It's all incredibly impressive, and makes you wonder why Google hasn't done this itself, or purchased RememberTheMilk for this purpose.  The company also uses Google Gears for off-line support, so they're fully leveraging Google API's for added value to their own product.

RememberTheMilk full suite of application extensions