DirectTV is Crashing on the day they launch SuperCast NFL ipTV


This year DirectTV released a new feature called SuperCast, which, if you pay the $350 dollars for the full NFL season package, allows you to watch games on Sunday live on your computer.  The package overall is expensive, but the allure of having our own sports bar with an HD TV airing one game and a wide-screen PC airing another was too too great.  Unfortunately DirectTV is folding under pressure on the first big game day of the season, as the above screenshot shows - very dissapointing, a big let down by DirectTV.  I also feel like it sheds poor light on Slingbox, which is sponsoring the SuperCast.  The synergy would be perfect, since Slingbox is all about giving you the TV you want where you want it, but unfortunately the fact that it doesn't work is an embarrassment

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to both parties, even if Slingbox technology has nothing to do with it.