Text Starbucks to Find the Closest One Nearby (And Free Coffee)

Starbucks launched a new text message campaign where you can send a text message with your zip code to "MYSBUX" and you'll be sent back the closest 3 Starbucks to your location. To promote the new program, they're offering a free cup of coffee to anyone who comes in on March 15th between 10 a.m. and Noon.

This would be more interesting if it was GPS enabled; there are probably plenty of zip codes that have more than 3 Starbucks in them, so do you really find out which is closest to you?

Courtesy of Gizmodo, some Starbucks facts:

  • Number of web searches for nearest Starbucks in 1/07 = 3 million
  • Number of locations in the US = 9,400
  • Number of new Starbucks stores opened every day = 4
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