Young Jazz / Blues Band " The Back Door Slam " Grows Up

Back in October 2007, I went to see a show by the wonders The Back Door Slam, an English trio of kids that, by the time they made it state-side, were only 20 years old, and playing music like they were 60 year old Jazz / Blues performers. At the time there were only 10 or so of us in the audience in the very intimate Mercury Lounge. 2 months later I went to see them again at the same spot, but the small room was now filled to the brim with middle aged men who were exhilarated by the sound of the young trio anomaly. In just the few months, seeing the audience grow from 10-15 to 70-80 was exciting, and I was very happy for them. Well fast forward to July 15th, 7.5 months after their first show, and they've moved to headlining at Bowery Ballroom. While it isn't the biggest venue in town, it's a huge step up from the handful of people that knew of their existance, and it's a huge reward for the endless tour. They continue to put themselves out there and are climbing the niche chart. Congrats to them.