Ian Schafer Turns Twitter into Money

[cross-posted on my Advertising blog]

Ian Schafer, the very vocal founder and CEO of Deep Focus marketing agency, auctioned off a sponsorship of his Twitter account, which basically consists of owning his Twitter background and receiving periodic shout outs. His goal is to raise awareness and instigate discussion around social media marketing. The auction apparently came down to VideoEgg and Metacafe bidding until $1082.01, when Metacafe won out.

metacafeBG.jpgMetacafe sponsoring Ian Schafer reminds me of Seagate sponsoring Robert Scoble - they basically sponsor his entire web identity at this point, because people who are interested in him and his output are an audience that likely would appreciate Seagate products. Well Metacafe sponsoring Ian Schafer is about the same - many of us who follow his output are now often going to be reminded of Metacafe, a site that we might be able to leverage. Ian Schafer and Metacafe don't have to have a impeding relationship, and this type of branded ownership kind of makes sense.

Could Twitter create a revenue sharing opportunity if they help to build up the value of these packages?