Using Fotolog for a once-a-day photo journal

Thanks to this interesting post by Fred Wilson, this weekend I've been thinking about the 'once-a-day' phenomenon:

"There's just something about limiting yourself to one a day that creates something special. You don't want to waste the opportunity on something average, so you carefully select the one thing you are gong to showcase or possibly create. And when viewed over time, it's way more than that. It's a timeline to your life. Jerry told me that Jamie went out with one woman for a while and during that period, you'd see her in many of his daily polaroids. Then one day, she just stopped showing up. That's life and that's the power of one a day. "

kskobac's photo from 3/29/08After reading the post, I decided to try out Fotolog, the once-a-day photo / blog / journal site that was featured in the article.  Basically the rules are you can only upload one picture per day, it gets dated on a time-line, and you can write a post within the 10-minute window after you upload.  This limits you to making one comment or capturing one moment about your life at a time, and choices have to be made.  I had ideas for today that I wanted to put up, and only one slot, so I have to choose whether to waste another day's slot on going back.  Also, I am thinking about what parameters I want to put on this: Can I post a picture that pre-dates my last photo?  Can I post another person's photo (properly attributed) that represents my thought for the day (I probably don't take photos myself that often)?  I'm going to give this a try for a few weeks, to see if I have the discipline to post a few times a week at the very least, and how I feel this reflects/ads to my life.  I welcome thoughts on the once-a-day concept, and the potential rules that will define my experience.  Oh and if you use Fotolog or want to join in, drop me a comment also.

You can follow along here

On a separate note, I am cross-posting restaurant reviews on both Google Maps and Yelp, until I see a reason to use one over the other (Tonight's review was Jane).