The 2008 Union Square Pillow Fight

After last year's hilarity, I couldn't stay away from the return of the Union Square Pillow Fight 2008 - and apparently no one else could either. There were about four times the number of people in attendance, making the pillow fight flow over the steps and practically into the street around Union Square. It was, again, one of the funniest things I've been witness to, and amazingly good natured - you didn't get hit if you didn't have a pillow, you didn't get hit if you had your camera up, or if you were just resting yourself, even if you were surrounded by the fight itself. We lasted about 40 minutes, and it was still going full force when we left. Check out the video of me walking right through the pillow fight, and the pictures of the whole thing. You'll notice a man painted in blood singing anti-war songs; apparently there was a rally scheduled for the same time, and it got dwarfed - a few people from the rally came up to us after and asked if we'd help plan their events, since the pillow fight seemed to get more audience and have more success (we had nothing to do with it of course, but apparently we seemed in charge?).

The videos | The pictures

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