Sixers Flying Up the NBA Power Rankings

ESPN - NBA Basketball Power Rankings - National Basketball Association: "11 (14) 76ers 33-34 March Madness, indeed. The Sixers are 7-1 this month and 15-4 since falling 12 games under .500 on Feb. 4. That adds up to some tasty revenge for not having a single representative in All-Star Weekend events."

The sixers have almost broken the top-10, are almost in the top third; this is a far cry from their 28/30 ranking back at the end of the first month of basketball, when Andre Iguodala was quoted as saying "We suck in practice too"; no they're flying up the standings, playing with hart, showing improvement across the board.

And they're winning against big teams; it doesn't mean they're going to beat them in the playoffs, but it's enough to give me hope. I couldn't be more psyched.