Steve Jobs Macworld 2008 Keynote leaked ?

This is potentially big news - Apple is usually a locked vault when it comes to information leaks - what gets launched at Apple press conferences is completely secret until the moment Steve Jobs gets up on stage. It looks like a real version of Steve Jobs' keynote has been leaked to the web, though. The leak is being given increased scrutiny because it landed on Wikipedia first, a site that protects anonymity. The details all seem to fit with early rumors as well. If this is true then I'm sure Steve Jobs will be screaming his head off at fear that his age of secrecy is over, and will be hunting hard for the source of the leak (he is known to go after rumor mills, including suing for the shutdown of rumor websites). Assuming these are the facts, then we can expect to see launched tomorrow:
  • 16 GB iPhone
  • support for 3rd party apps
  • launch-day apps from Twitter and Last.FM
  • a new MacBook that is only 0.8'' thick
  • YouTube support inside iTunes (download files)
Even if the keynote leak isn't real, a lot of these things might show up anyway. One thing that wasn't mentioned was iTunes movie rentals, which is widely expected.
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