Running the 2008 Idiotarod in New York City

Yesterday (January 26h) I ran the Idiotarod in New York City for the third time in four years - Ari and I headed up our third team (we were joined by Mike, Andrew, Angela and Jackie), with no repeat runners with exception to our team mascot.  This year the race organizers were on top of their game - running the whole thing via text messages, warning us of rout changes and check-in booths.  The race was also much longer this year - we started under the Manhattan bridge, ran up and over it, and down through Brooklyn (check out the route), totally 4.5 miles and the actual finish line might have been farther away; at every check point, there were competitions/challenges that you had to complete before getting the next checkpoint- for example the entire team had to complete spinning around ten with your head on a bat and then running down a basketball court.  At the third check-point, there were so many events that we didn't have time to finish all before needing to head home.  All in all the race was fun as usual, with hilarious costumes, but I was dead tired by the end and covered in milk, flour, paint, and everything else that saboteurs were throwing (I could definitely do with that aspect).  Check out my pictures and my recap from the past two races and I'll try to post some video footage soon.