Download or capture streaming music ( free music )

Today is all about free music two tools were brought to my attention today that make it really easy to download or capture streaming music from Pandora, Seeqpod, Last.Fm, or even a random website that has music in the background.

TechCrunch profiled today a seemingly great new tool called Freemusiczilla that lets you download "download free music from Imeem, Last.fm, Pandora, Myspace, eSnips, Mog, iJigg, Radio.blog.club and almost all social music services" with just the touch of a button. Free music is limited to 10 songs per day, but presumably this will be unlocked with a paid version in the near future.

My friend Dave pointed me to Freecorder today, which enables you to record via a browser toolbar any sound that plays through your pc speakers - i'm not sure of the technology behind it, but he said all sounds are aggregated, so if you receive an IM during a song playing that you're recording, the IM sound will be pulled in. He said it works great, though, and he's using it to record website soundtracks.
I haven't used either of these yet so let me know how they work, and if they live up to their reviews (and please use legally, however that may be).