Instagram, Please let us pay! [My Digiday Article]

I'm published on Digiday today discussing Instagram's latest woes, and how consumers will increasingly demand the option to pay for things again in exchange for more rights over our privacy and content.  This is a topic I've written often about here and in social media.  We're just now starting to see the ramifications of the "free" ad-supported economy.  Twitter's API follies, Facebook and Instagram's privacy issues, and the endless folding of well-liked companies that can't make money-- this is all just the beginning.  We as consumers need to start re-considering what we really want for free, and what we want to pay for.

The article also links to SS+K's work for President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign.  You can read about how we tapped Instagram and other social channels to spread the For All message and drive the critical youth vote.