Exploring the Third Place

Today I spent about four hours aimlessly walking around SoHo and The Village enjoying the weather and exploring new spots.  Along the way I managed to discover two pretty cool new coffee shops (at least new to me), and with the aid of Instagram on my iPhone I collected a mini photo-documentary of the people around me.

The Third Place

And of course the details on the coffee shops, both of which I recommend for different reasons:
  • Ground Support - an awesome hideaway in SoHo that lets you dodge the crowd for a quiet cup of coffee.  there's plenty of room to sit at the indoor picnic benches, and free wifi, not much more you can ask for.  I could easily see doing work here on weekends.
  • Third Rail Coffee - I've walked by this place a bunch of times but never gone in until now, which was a mistake.  You can't come here for anything but coffee- it's got four small two-person tables, and nothing else.  But as long as coffee is what you're there for, you're in for a treat.  There are house blends of drip coffee and espresso, and then a variety of name favorites (Intelligentsia, Stumptown) and international imports on request.