Where'd my writing go? Introducing UsableClicks

So I never took the time to write on this blog about my new project, and where the majority of my writing has gone lately.  Most of the people reading this blog probably already know it by following me on Twitter, Facebook, etc, but I started a joint venture project with a few old co-worker friends.  The new website is called UsableClicks, and the focus is on actionable marketing strategy and tactics.  Ultimately it will be a combination of our writing, recommending reading of marketing content out on the web, and resource pages such as all you need to do your own blog & buzz tracking.  This doesn't mean I'll stop blogging at my personal blog here, but lately it's meant I haven't had much time for it.  Again, I hope that I find better balance.  In the mean time, you can follow UsableClicks three ways (besides visiting the site):

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My most recent article "Why do we waste our time (and why you should do the same)" is a personal introspective into why we care to be early adopters and spend hours playing with new products that give us very little in return.  It meant a lot to me to write; if you have thoughts on it, feel free to comment or discuss over at UsableClicks.

Oh, and if you have any interest in writing about marketing strategy, let us know - we'd love to have some guest writers.