Review: I eat delicious steak at Quality Meats

Quality Meats for dinner tonight with some old FCB crew

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Quality Meats gets the one thing right its supposed to - the steak.  It's not a perfect restaurant by any means; it's overpriced (I was there on business), and certainly has a visiting audience of gold diggers, but the food was great and the steak was outstanding.  We started with a seafood tower, where the shrimp, lobster, and crab were delicious.  As someone who isn't always thrilled with seafood, I can honestly say the fish here was fresh and tasty.  I can't really remember the sides we ordered, so they were neither impressionably good or bad.  The steak I ordered was their blackberry fillet, marinated in blackberry sauce and covered in fresh blackberries.  Not only was this a unique preparation, but it was also outstanding delicious.  The meat itself was cooked perfectly - the right type of lightly crisp on the outside, and soft and pink on the inside.  I've been to many of the major steak places in New York City, and this was one of the best slices of meat I've eaten in 4 years here by far, a dish I can't say enough about.  Finally, I finished with the cookies & cream ice cream, which is home made daily with vanilla ice cream mashed with oreos and fresh soft baked chocolate chip cookies, served sandwiched between fresh soft baked chocolate chip cookies.  It was, as well, as good as it sounds.  All in all, if you have someone paying for you, I'd definitely go to here - I would be very happy getting the exact same meal again.