The NBA Age Requirement

The NBA is considering raising the age limit to 20, from 19 this last season - an Idea that I tend to support. The common argument against it is how can we restrict an athlete from making money if his family needs it, but that's not really what's happening...it's more about making sure a person that is stepping into high-demand, high-intensity, high-profile, high-stress situation is capable handling it, and capability of handling it in a public spotlight. The NBA is business, and it has a responsibility to its customers and its partners, and "hiring" people before they're ready to fulfill all aspects of the job is the wrong decision - for all parties. It's the best interest for everyone if a person matures, gains an education, etc. Maybe not always, but rules are devised for the masses, and it seems likely that the greatest utility comes from an age range. Mark Cuban writes today on his blog:
Raising the minimum age is not about talent, its about maturity. Maturity matters to this league. Mature players are marketable players. Mature players generate far less strain on the league. Mature players can take care of themselves. Mature players understand the business of the NBA and how they can positively impact it to their own benefit.
I would add to it that maturity matters to the players themselves, and to the fans that enable them to make such gross amounts of money.