Tim Hardaway Embarrasses Himself

I haven't had much time to write lately, but this needs to be said. On a radio show yesterday, Tim Hardaway was asked to comment on what he would say were a gay person on his team in the NBA. This follows John Amaechi's announcement that he is gay, and had been quiet about it during his 5 years within the NBA. Tim Hardaway essentially said that there's no place for gay people in the NBA, that being gay is wrong, and that he wouldn't accept a gay person on his team. His incredibly insensitive, ignorant, comments are the type of thing that will keep people from being true to themselves during their years in professional sports. Not that it's any body's business, but if someone wants to be open and public, they should have the right, and not feel like they have to protect some secret to be respected. Listen to the audio of the interview with Tim hardaway here, it's about two thirds of the way in. Also more news from ESPN.

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