My Favorite Coffee Spot Right Now in New York City


Category: Coffee & Tea 
Neighborhood: Manhattan/East Village

5 star rating
One of my 2009 resolutions was to spend less time in Starbucks and more time in local coffee shops.  In pursuit of the best true coffee spot, I landed at Abraco.  Abraco is a whole-in-the-wall spot that, from what I can tell, always has the jovial gray haired neighborhood man acting as Barista.  There's room for maybe 6 people to stand by the window after ordering, and a small bench and standing table as well.  There's no wi-fi, no casual place to read, and few food options (though the cookies and small sandwiches look good).  It's all about the coffee.  I can only speak to the latte's, but they're the best I've had hands down.  They're rich and creamy - fresh ground beans, made to order.  There's no option for caffeine free.  it's delicious till the last drop.  It's one of those out of the way secrets on 1st Ave that you would walk past 5 other coffee places to get to, and it's worth it.
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