Ryan Howard Carries the Phillies to the Playoffs

Photograph taken by Googie Man and released un...Image via WikipediaCongrats to the Phillies!!, who made it into the playoffs for the second year in a row - 92 wins, 16 and 7 in September, and one step ahead in a race against the Mets (who have matches the Phillies 2 straight winning seasons with 2 straight end-of-season collapses) for the pennant. Ryan Howard, who started out the season horrendous, had a monsterous September - he hit .345, 11 HR's, and 32 RBI's (on his way to 48 home runs and 146 RBI's, well ahead of all other major league players). The whole team has been on a tear this month, so I hope they can ride the momentum into the playoffs and fair better against Milwaukee than they did against Colorado last year - outlook is good, since they were 5-1 against Milwaukee this year. Cole Hammels and the ageless wonder Jamie Moyer can help make it happen.
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