The Ridiculous NBA Trade Season

According to ESPN, "43 players changed uniforms in February, with an amazing 19 teams involved in trades"; Shaq is now in Pheonix, Pau is now in LA, Marion is now in Miami, Ben Wallace is now in Cleveland, Kidd is now in Dallas, Bibby is now in Atlanta, the list goes on and on. This isn't even counting and off-season that saw Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett BOTH get traded to the Celtics. 2007 - 2008 has been a ridiculous NBA season - there are exciting players, exciting teams, exciting GM's - Usually by the last third of the season I'm worn out from Basketball, but in the last few weeks I've gotten more and more into it again. Philly is showing everyone up by being a young exciting team that is actually competing for a playoff spot (They are 8th seed right now, albeit in the East) when ESPN/SI basically picked them as the ONLY team in the east that had NO shot at a playoff spot. Even this year's dunk contest, with Dwight Howard and Gerald Green, was too a new level of imagination and competition.

Everything about the NBA this year, as a Fan experience, has been great, with the exception of the fact that I live in New York City and to watch basketball live means I have to go to see the Knicks, which is a combination of slow torture and uncomfortable sleep.