Baseball Season is here, and the Phillies / Mets Rule Fantasy

Baseball season is here, spring training has started, and the Mets vs. Phillies rivalry has gotten underway... in fantasy baseball at least. Taking a look at the average draft rankings on ESPN you can see that Mets and Phillies players take up 6 of the first round draft spots: Wright (3), Reyes (4), Utley (6), Santana (9), Rollins (10), Howard (11). Not only is that amazing, but it shows how exciting this season's rivalry is going to be. Last year ended with the Phillies climbing back and stealing the NL East title from the Mets, and then the off-season saw the Mets go out and sign Johan Santana, the best pitcher in baseball. It'll be a great summer of baseball.

I'm doing a keeper league for the first time this Fantasy MLB Season and I have the first pick; with that, I have to basically commit to drafting A-Rod, but it hurts. I'd rather have a late pick and come away with someone I would want to do well, and hold on to in a keeper league for 3 seasons.