kbskobac.blogspot.com on the WayBack Machine (Historical View of My Site)

I consider it somewhat of a landmark event that this blog is now being tracked on the Wayback Machine. For those who don't know, the Wayback Machine archives internet sites so you can return to a point in time and see what the site used to look like. For more significant websites, there is an archived copy multiple times a month (see ESPN back in 1998 for example). Still, I think it's pretty cool that they have archived versions of my blog on March 23 2006, July 18 2006, and November 1 2006, all three times when I was utilizing different website formats. The layout doesn't look exactly right due to images and resources being shut down since then, but you get the general idea. I guess the little I've done with this site in a few years is enough to put myself in the internet history books.