If you want to follow the Chuck Darrow Courier Post Phillies Blog via RSS thanks to Dapper


Philadelphia Courier Post Online writer Chuck Darrow has a blog you can find here that covers the Philadelphia Phillies baseball season "from a fan's perspective."  While I used to really enjoy reading it, it unfortunately got discarded since the supposed 'blog' had no RSS feed allowing me to see when postings I would like to read and comment on were published.

Now despite the Courier Post's short-sightedness and capitalization of the blog buzz-word without the  prototypical blog element (RSS feed), I have my solution: Dapper.  I've now created an RSS feed that updates as the content on the standard html Chuck Darrow article page updates.  Dapper lets you specify non-RSS content sources and it scours the site for updates, feeding it through in numerous ways once new content is discovered.  Now be alerted of Chuck Darrow's new articles via RSS.

The picture above is in honor of ESPN writer Jayson Stark nominating both Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins for NL MVP.