Mark Cuban Fined Big $$ Again

Mark Cuban, media entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, was fined $200K for stepping onto the basketball court a few nights ago against the Spurs and writing about the refs on his personal blog.  To date, he's been fined at least $1.2 million dollars by the NBA since taking over ownership, and for every dollar he's been fined he's matched it to a charity (this last fine pending).  Given David Stern's dictatorship attitude, it was forseeable that both of these things would result in a fine, but Mark Cuban usually doesn't care as long as he sticks gets his message out.  It is fairly amazing though that he got fined $100,000 for his blog posting, which has yet to be taken down, just one more expample of the reprecussions of crossing blogging with work.  Would any other owner have been fined this kind of cash for either of these infractions?

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